Ship’s Manor News

I’ve wanted to update/change my website for awhile now. So, here are the simple beginnings of what I have planned. I apologize for the clutter but I think, in the end, there will be less clutter and more stitching!

Since you only have a couple of pages to look at I thought I would surprise you with two new designs!  They will be released in the next couple of weeks. The first is called ‘Fire and Ice’. It is my first quaker-type design. The second is called ‘Butterfly Garden’. We turned it into an awesome fold with pockets to store your scissors, needles or whatever else you need/want. I will post some instructions/ideas on what else you can do with it soon.

That’s the great thing about this new site…more interaction!  Without further ado…here they are!


Fire and IceShipsManor Butterfly Garden